To start a league you'll have to have some Wiffle®Ball interest in your town. A good idea would be to go to your local newspaper(s) and give them a “Press Release” about a Wiffle®Ball league. Make sure to have your phone #, e-mail address and website (if you have one) included in the press release. You also have to have a good location. A local Babe Ruth field or a softball field is perfect. A field of this size can easily set up four or five Wiffle®Ball fields. Once you start getting interest set up a schedule dividing the teams into two divisions, American League and National League.


Follow the same advertising techniques with the newspapers. If there is a college nearby, try to get them involved in both the league and the tournament. Use the same fields and try to spread out your advertising by going to several newspapers within a 50 miles radius. Tournaments should be one or two days long, usually on a weekend. Saturdays usually work better than Sundays. A double elimination format throughout the tournament should be followed.

EQUIPMENT (each field requires)

Two-orange cones to serve as infield markers.

Cone Marker


Two ten foot PVC foul poles for left and right field. The NJWA recommends using plastics twist ties to secure foul poles etc. to the outfield walls/fence of the baseball fields you are playing on. 

Foul Pole Marker


A backstop made of plywood or PVC pipe with snow fence. The backstop should be at least 6 ft x 6 ft, the NJWA uses 8 ft x 8 ft.

NJWA Backstop


NJWA Target

The NJWA target is 12 inches off the ground, 20 inches wide and 30 inches in height. Targets shouldn't be sharp edged, the NJWA now uses wooden targets, the old metal targets were too dangerous.


Field Lining

A chalk(for grass) or paint field liner is needed to line the fields. The chalk and paint cans, along with the liner can be purchased at local hardware stores.


Triple Pole

The triple poles are placed ten feet to the right and ten feet to the left of dead center field. If the ball hits the fence in between the poles, it's ruled a triple.

Small Title

You will also need: 1 pitching rubber  and 1 home plate.


A typical diagram of an NJWA field.


A $100 entrance fee for tournaments is recommended and a fee per game is recommended for league play. Example, ten games at $25 a game per team is $250 for the year for league entry fees.


Make sure the facility you are having your events at has insurance or purchase insurance to protect yourself against any players getting injured. Stress proper footwear (spikes for grass and sneakers for asphalt). A permit is usually required by most park and recreation departments, plan ahead and purchase one. They can usually be obtained at your local City Hall.