2 Trenton Teams ripping through Wiffle®Ball Tourney

Trentonian staff and AP wire report

August 1991

WALTHAM, Mass.- Two Trenton Wiffle®Ball teams are one victory away from a Final Four appearance in the World Wiffle®Ball Tournament. Mike Palinczar belted a two-run home run in the top of the fifth to give the Trenton Giants a 2-0 victory over the Fen Stars. Fred Bastedo tossed a one hitter for the Giants. Trenton’s other representative, the P.A. All-Stars, defeated Fubars, 5-0. Both won their first two games of the tournament and have not allowed a run to be scored against them. “It really says a lot for the level of play in our area and how we stand up to other competition,” said Mike Palinczar.

The P.A. All-Stars defeated the California team 19-0, and the Connecticut team, 12-0. The Giants’ pair of shutouts came on a no-hitter by Bastedo who blanked Springfield, 8-0, and a two-hitter by Palinczar who shut down the Medford Mustangs, 10-0.

Palinczar was instrumental in refurbishing the Patrick Pone Park on Chestnut Ave. and organizing an area Wiffle®Ball league. The league has served the Giants pitching staff well as evident by each team's ERA, 0.00. “If you get a ball right out of the box, it's just no good,” said Palinczar ,19. Palinczar said it is legal, and is encouraged, to file the ball to get more action. The plastic balls can be manipulated in almost any way, but the shape cannot be changed and cracks more than a quarter inch long are not allowed. A ball that has been sandpapered twist and dips in the air so much in a wonder some batters can hit so well.

Each team has up to five players. On the field, a pitcher, outfielder and catcher go up against a batter. There is no base running in Wiffle®Ball - the runners are imaginary. “A lot of guys who were playing softball are playing Wiffle®Ball now because they're big guys and don't have to run, Palinczar said.

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