Local teams heading to Wiffle®Ball Nationals

July 1992


A year ago, they went to the tournament not knowing what to expect and finished an impressive fifth in the country. This year, they know the score and will settle for nothing less than the National Championship. In what sport could a local team have such lofty aspirations ? Wiffle®Ball , of course, in which the state champion Good Times Tavern team from Trenton will compete for $5,00 in prize money.

Good Times Tavern will open in the week-long 32-team Wiffle®Ball World Series in Boston this afternoon against the Connecticut state champion. Two members of the team, Ken Tucci and Jack Pepper, were on the local club that finished fifth last year. Newcomers are Kurt Pushman and Dan Cryan from the Confederate Knights club of the New Jersey Wiffle®Ball League.

“With Jack’s experience and the two new guys, we’re in much better shape,” Tucci said. “This year we know what to expect and can win it.” “Nothing worse than first is our goal,” Pushman echoed. “We’re going up there to win it all.” In addition to their confidence, Good Times likes the fact that they are armed with three pitchers in Tucci, Pepper, and Cryan. “It's just like baseball,” Pepper said. “A pitcher needs at least two days to recover. With three good pitchers, it's a big plus. Pitching is the key. We know we are going to score a lot of runs.”

In addition to Good Times Tavern, the club received financial support from Dugout Sports bar, Puss & Boots, Sports Junction and john Roberto of Hinkson’s Stationary. Two other local teams- the Trenton Giants and Trenton Milkmen- will also be at the World Series.

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