Locals Win Wiffle® Series


Trenton Times By- Rick Freeman

Trenton’s Fred Bastedo and Mike Palinczar, both 27, teamed up with Long Island N.Y., brothers Tom and Frank Locascio to win the Wiffle® Ball World Championship in Milford, Conn., and the Wiffle® World Series which was held in Colebrook, Conn.

Their team, Team Trenton / In the Box, won a Philadelphia tournament in July to qualify for the Wiffle® Up Tournament. They went 7-0 to win the Philadelphia tournament, outscoring the opposition 53-4. Palinczar was the winning pitcher in all seven games, throwing over 450 pitches in one day. Bastedo led all tournament players with 13 home runs with 13 and was named tournament MVP.

In the Wiffle® Up Tournament, the Trenton team won all six games, giving up only three runs. Frank Locascio pitched the first three games and Palinczar threw two shutouts in two of the last three.

In the World Series, Frank Locascio’s three-run homer propelled Team Trenton to the victory over the Nasty Boys from Western Pennsylvania. Tom Locascio threw a two-hit shutout against the Fluffheads (Yardley, Pa.). In the Championship gams, Team Trenton defeated the Orangemen (Rhode Island), 29-2, behind the pitching of Palinczar, who also hit two home runs, and four by Bastedo.

In game two against The Orangemen (the 1991 Champions), Palinczar was the winning pitcher in a 22-3 victory. Palinczar was the tournament MVP and Bastedo was the home run king of the tournament.

Adeline Street Heat of Trenton came in first place in the Minor division of the Wiffle® Ball World Series. Dave Beers was the MVP to lead Adeline to a 6-0 record.

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