Wanted: Clean site for Wiffle® tournament


Trenton Times - By Tony Persichilli

TRENTON- Mike Palinczar needs help. The former Mc Corristin and Trenton Post 93 standout is looking for people who will help him clean up Chestnut Park. He hopes to get the South Trenton park in god enough shape so that it will be able to be the host for next month’s New Jersey State Wiffle®Ball Tournament. “This is the fifth year of the tournament,” said Palinczar, 22, who grew up, and still lives on, nearby Adeline St. “We've had teams come in from all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. A couple of years ago, there were even a couple of teams from California. They came all the way here just to play.

Palinczar has been on teams that have traveled to St. Louis to play in tournaments and went to the Wiffle®Ball World Series in Boston three years in a row. Right now, however, the tournament, which is scheduled for September 14-18, is in jeopardy. “We have a lot of work to do here,” said Palinczar as he sat on graffiti-smeared steps in Chestnut Park. “We paint the steps every year and see what happens? We have to get all this gunk off the asphalt.” “They used to ice skate here in the winter, so there's a drain over there but it's all clogged up. When the dirt washed off all these little hills around the field it has nowhere to go and just stays there.”

“The city helps us out. They give us material and we clean up the park. They give us the paint and we make it look nice. They also let us use the lights, which is a big plus since a lot of games are at night. The people in the neighborhood come out and watch some of the games at night. On of them even lets us store equipment in his backyard.”

Right now Palinczar gets most of his help from Mike DelAversano, Matt Brophy and Fred “The Bayard St. Bomber” Bastedo, but he could use some more. “If there are any guys out there who have played in the league in the past,” Palinczar said, “or are interested in playing this year, they should give me a call.” He, and Chestnut Park, could use it. Palinczar’s number is 609-771-8057.

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