Mike runs the day to day operations of the NJWA. The website, sales of NJWA products, tournaments and the NJWA mailing list keeps him busy 365 days of the year.

Mike "Wiffleczar" Palinczar


Zaire helps set up the fields and field maintenance, Zy also helps in making NJWA bats and scuffed balls.

Zaire "The Hit-Man" Lowe

Grounds Crew

Vic has been with the NJWA since day one, assisting with field design, strike zone/ back stop construction and advice on many tournament factors.

Vic "The Stick" Palinczar


CJ helps set up the fields and field maintenance.

Charles "CJ" Scarlata

Grounds Crew

Dan has been very instrumental in designing all of the NJWA's needs online and beyond.

Dan "The Man" Chianese

Web Designer

Justin helps set up the fields and field maintenance.

Justin "Justino" Espinal

Grounds Crew

Dave "The Wave" Beers
Denice "Pidge" Stoj
Mike "Lil' Mike" Del Aversano
Matt "Broph" Brophy
Gary "Rocky" Daddio
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