Download the official NJWA rule book. The PDF includes the rules of: The Playing Field, The Playing Equipment, Teams, The Game, Game Situations, Base RunnersThe Batter, The Pitcher, The Fielder(s)Officiating and Score Keeping, and  Tournament Play.


The NJWA's strikezone, shown above, is 12 inches of the ground and 20 inches wide x 30 inches high. The target itself is made of sheet metal and the base is a five gallon bucket filled with cement.Behind the target is the PVC backstop which measures 8 ft x 8 ft and has green plastic snow fencing twist tied to it. The backstop helps speed up the games and makes it easier for both the pitcher and the batter. Chasing the ball around all game is not fun.


To start a league you'll have to have some Wiffle®Ball interest in your town. A good idea would be to go to your local newspaper(s) and give them a “Press Release” about a Wiffle®Ball league. Make sure to have your phone #, e-mail address and website (if you have one) included in the press release. You also have to have a good location. A local Babe Ruth field or a softball field is perfect. A field of this size can easily set up four or five Wiffle®Ball fields. Once you start getting interest set up a schedule dividing the teams into two divisions, American League and National League.